About Me

I'm Cynthia and I probably quilt a little more than I should. I made my first real quilt over 10 years ago in a college class and I was hooked. That first quilt was a blue and yellow sampler...(Where is a picture of that little gem when I need it?) I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I gave it to my mom for Christmas...she cried and I decided that everyone needed to be given a quilt. The teacher of that college class mentioned once that a double wedding ring quilt was a very advanced quilt to piece and that beginners shouldn't try making something so hard...so I decided that my second quilt would be a double wedding ring. It took me about 2 months to piece and about 6 months to hand quilt, but I finished it and gave it to my sister for her wedding. That's how it all started. Since then I have tried a bunch of different techniques, bought a lot of fabric, become a long-arm quilter and turned into a little bit of a quilting addict.

I love sewing and making crafty stuff so quilting is the perfect creative distraction for me. I get inspiration from all kinds of crazy things and I rarely use patterns--I like the challenge of coming up with my own thing. I usually have two or three (or eight or nine) quilts in the works at all times and I have very few unfinished quilts lying around--and if I do leave one to sit for a while, I almost always pull it back out a couple months later and finish it. I don't follow all the rules and I never hand sew my bindings on. I give most of my quilts away to friends or family (but 2011 was "the year of Cynthia" --where I made one or two for me...Yay!). My quilting room is normally a giant mess despite my (halfhearted) efforts to keep it orderly.

I have recently started to love taking pictures of the quilts I make. When I first started quilting, I didn't even think to take pictures of the quilts before I gave them away. Then I started taking pictures, but usually it was a quick snapshot, on the floor, in bad light. Since these pictures are the only memory I will have of most of these quilts, I have decided they should at least look good and show detail! In a former life (a.k.a my 3rd year of college) I was actually a photography major, but decided I wasn't skilled enough to make that my profession...mostly because I wasn't very good at taking pictures of people--and I figured that was where the money was...but I still love to take pictures and quilts are great because they will hold still and sit there for hours --if needed --until you get a pretty good shot.

I started this blog to document all my craftiness...and to encourage anyone who has never made a quilt to want to make a quilt!  (And to inspire other quilters to want to make MORE quilts!) Hope it's working.